Enrolment Information

To find at more about securing your place in our centre or, joining our waiting list please contact our friendly administrator, Simone on; [email protected] | 09 636 1395.

What You Need to Bring

As a Reggio inspired Centre we encourage lots of creative play and although we provide aprons, creative play can be very messy. We encourage you to bring at least 3 clearly labeled, complete changes of clothes for your child daily. This ensures that they are able to have full access to all learning experiences each day. Please remember that creative play means they will get paint, glue, dye and more on their clothes so please dress them in appropriate, comfortable kindy clothes.

If your child is in the Hive, they will need to bring several pairs of underwear or nappies as appropriate (around 5 per day).

Please bring a bottle and the breast milk or formula your child requires each day/week. This will be safely prepared and heated according to your individual requirements. Please note we do not provide bottles to children in The Hive. We are happy to provide your child’s formula in a regular cup if they are over 2. A private space for mothers who are breastfeeding is available upon request.

We ask you to ensure you apply sun block to your child each day before arriving at the Centre. This means your child is able to engage in the experiences they choose to upon arrival each day.

As we encourage active exploration of nature and the great outdoors (and yes this means exploring puddles) please ensure that you provide a jacket, warm hat and gumboots in winter months.

Transition into the Centre

All families need to complete 2 weeks of transition time (at least x6 1 hour visits) prior to their child starting in the Centre. We ask that you come and spend as much time as possible in the Centre before your start date to ensure that your child is comfortable with the new environment and that have begun to establish
trusting, reciprocal relationships with their new friends and Teachers. This also allows you the opportunity to meet your child’s teachers and learn about how your child is able to develop the foundations for a lifetime of learning.

All children are unique and will settle in the Centre in their own time. We may ask you to extend this transition period if we feel that it is in your child’s best interests. There is no charge during the transition period.

Saying Goodbye

Each and every child is different. Some children will settle as soon as they arrive and others will take a bit longer to engage in the programme. It is normal for you or your child to experience some form of anxiety as you leave. Many children get upset when they have to say goodbye, even after they have been with us for a while. Rest assured they are in great hands. Our Teachers are very sympathetic to any distress and will comfort your child until they are ready to join their friends.

Sleep Time

Every child is unique and we aim to meet their individual needs as best as we can. All children in the Nest will have their individual sleeping needs met following their own routines and rhythms. Our Preschoolers in the Hive will be offered a sleep or rest period after lunch (approximately 12pm). A special area is set up for these children away from children still busy at play. We will follow your wishes around the period of time your child is to sleep for, but will encourage children to wake at 2pm. Children in the Hive who do not need to rest will be offered opportunities for quiet, focused, inquiry based learning until the sleeping and resting children are ready to rejoin the programme.

Parent Aspirations

Please ensure you complete all the routine, all about me, pepeha and aspiration forms included in your enrolment pack. We appreciate there are lots of items to fill out but these help our Teachers to meet your expectations for your child’s learning journey and tell them about the special things that are unique to your child. These will be sent home at least annually and with every transition throughout the Centre. Thank-you for supporting our philosophy of having strong, reciprocal, relationships with parents for continuity of education and care.

Parental Involvement & Communication

When communication is strong between the Centre and Home environments relationships are best placed to support your child’s learning and development. Please feel free to speak with your child’s portfolio teacher, head teacher or the Centre Manager if you have any compliments or constructive feedback. We see ourselves on a journey of continuous improvement and your feedback helps assist with progression.

Parent fees

Dynamic Kids is a private Education and Care Centre. When you chose to enroll here you are paying for a place for your child, not just for when their child attends. We cover the costs of your child being in the Centre in advance of their attendance and are unable to offer make up days or discounts due to public holidays or unforeseen absence and illness. We understand holidays are important for all families. We offer up to 3 weeks annual leave per year as stipulated in our fee schedule*. Please ensure you call, email or text your Centre Manager to provide notification of any short-term absence. (*Terms and conditions apply.)

Your enrolment agreement & our fee schedule both advise you of the terms and conditions of enrolment and the fee applicable for your child’s booked space. We require two weeks notice to any change of this agreement. We also are able to review and modify our fee schedule and two weeks notice will be provided should there be any changes applied. Please ensure you have read and understood the enrolment agreement form and our fee schedule prior to enrolment to avoid any confusion.

We are not licensed to care for children outside of our operating hours. Please note should you collect your child late from the Centre a late fee will apply and be payable to the staff member who had to stay behind. Late fees are also applicable should you pick up or drop off outside of your session times. Please remember to call us should you be running late for any reason.

Attendance Register

The Ministry of Education requires parents and caregivers to sign their child in and out each day. This also helps us to ensure everyone is accounted for in an emergency. In addition to these day sheets we request that you sign a monthly attendance report, verifying your child’s attendance record is accurate. Should any patterns of absence or attendance less than 6 hours develop, you will be asked to verify your child’s ongoing education and care through a frequent absence form. Please work with the Centre administration staff to ensure these are all completed in an efficient manner.

Exclusion Due to Illness

When children first begin in a new Centre they are exposed to new illnesses that they are not yet immune to. Almost all children experience some mild form of illness when they first enter a group situation, be it early childhood education or primary school, as their immunity builds. If your child presents unwell in the Centre you will be required to pick them up and care for them at home.

Signs and symptoms of a child deemed to be unwell include but are not limited to

  • A fever (temperature of 37.7 or higher)
  • Coloured discharge from the child’s nose
  • A constant cough, which is not linked to any breathing disorder
  • Unidentifiable rash or spots
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Lethargic or extra tired

If your child is sent home unwell they must remain away from the Centre for a minimum of 24 hours, unless you provide a medical certificate stating they are fit to rejoin and are not contagious to other children. Your child must also stay home for a minimum of 24 hours after starting a course of antibiotics or other pharmaceutical treatment.

Children who present with vomiting and diarrheoa must stay at home for a minimum of 48 hours.

It is important that this policy is respected to keep our Centre learning environment free from spread of illness.

Medication in the Centre

If your child requires medication to be administered whilst attending the Centre there is an important procedure you need to follow. You must hand the medication to your child’s teacher and explain what the medication is for. At this time you will be required to complete a medication register. It is important that this is completed correctly or we will be unable to administer the medicine. You must list Date, Child’s Name, Medication Name, Time of Last Dose, Time and amount of next dose, and Signature of consent. This information must match the information on the medication label. When you collect your child you must sign to acknowledge medication administered in the Centre. This process must be completed each day that the medication is to be administered.

A more comprehensive illness management plan is required for extended use of medication for things such as asthma, eczema, allergies and diabetes.

Emergency Contacts

Upon enrolment you will be asked to provide information for people who can be contacted in case of an emergency and who are able to pick your child up. We are unable to release your child to anyone not listed on the enrolment form. If your child is to be released to anyone other than yourselves we require his or her details in advance and will require photo ID on first pick up. These arrangements can be made via a recognised email.

Emergency Evacuation

In the event of an emergency please be assured the children in our care are our top priority. We have thorough emergency procedures that are practiced termly with the children and there are plenty of emergency supplies on site. All our teachers are trained in First Aid and know how to respond to emergency situations.


Welcome to you and your family. We look forward to working with you and your child building the platform for a lifetime of learning. We appreciate no handbook can answer all your questions but we hope this has been a useful tool. Should you have any further questions or queries please feel free contact your Centre Manager.

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