At Dynamic Kids we see nutrition as a very important part of child growth and brain development. We promote children’s health and well-being through the provision of suitable healthy and age appropriate food in the centre. Safe food handling and supervision practices are followed so that children and adults are kept safe and healthy and prevent the spread of infections.

We believe it is essential that young children develop healthy eating habits at an early age. At Dynamic Kids, a healthy eating education programme is included in the curriculum and children have daily opportunities to engage in activities involving healthy eating habits. These include, but are not limited to; maintaining the centre vegetable garden, incorporating only healthy food items in family play area, participation in the making of menu foods and mat time discussions about how food fuels our bodies and what sort of fuel our bodies need the most.

Children need the right sorts of nutrients to help their bones, teeth, and muscles to develop. By providing a balanced diet with a variety of food items from each food group, we give children the right start to a healthy lifetime of good well-balanced nutrition.

We have a nutrient dense menu for each season that rotates on a 4-weekly basis. The food in our centre is based on whole foods prepared from scratch, on-site by our centre chef and has minimal processing. Fresh fruits and/or vegetables are incorporated into every meal. Only organic whole milk and water are served as beverages.

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