Dynamic Kids Early Childhood Centre | Onehunga | Age 3m - 2.5yrs
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The Nest (Specialised Care for Babies & Toddlers)

Toddlers (18 months – 2.5 years)

These busy little people are engaged in a wide variety of curriculum activities in a way that is meaningful to them.

Toddlers are very active as they begin to gain control of their world and our programme provides safe challenges, which encourage exploration, cognitive skills, language development and gross motor skills. We strive to provide an environment that is open and spacious to support this active stage of development.

The importance of play as a vehicle for learning is respected and valued. Toddlers are provided with a range of daily activities and challenges that they choose to engage in throughout the course of a day, complemented by a rich variety of resources. This allows our Teachers to recognise and respond to learning opportunities that present themselves within routines. Each child has a tailored programme plan where they are encouraged and supported to reach new milestones in a way that is effective and meaningful.

The intentional Reggio inspired environment encourages exploration and creativity. It is a largely sensory focused space, feeding the minds of these active, curious little explorers and all their senses.

We Provide: In the Nest we provide a few little extras to help your precious little ones to feel completely at home in the Centre environment.

Each child receives their own bedding which is theirs to keep forever. You can select which sheet set and comforter you would like for your child. This is then named and set aside for your child.

We provide nappies that are size appropriate for growing babies and toddlers. We use quality baby wipes on all our babies and toddlers and warm flannels are used on children under 1 or who present with sensitivities.

We enhance our face cloths with a few drops of lavender oil and warm water after meals for a beautifully aromatic post feed clean.

All fresh produce provided to our Nest babies is organic* and locally* sourced (*where possible). Much of this is grown in our very own organic veggie patch, which the children help to grow. This is all prepared fresh on site by our Centre chef and meets the NZ Heart Foundation guidelines for children. We follow the Plunket ages and stages guide and work with you to only introduce new foods as you introduce them at home.

We follow your child’s natural relationships to set them up with a primary caregiver who will work closely with you and your child to meet their individual needs. A daily journal is kept to ensure open lines of communication between you and your child’s caregiver.

Children are provided with their own locker for use each day in the Centre.

Babies (3 -18 months) – Currently Full

The program offered for babies is very individual. It supports your child’s unique development, interests and strengths.

We approach the curriculum for this age group in a very holistic way that encompasses exploration and discovery alongside each child’s natural stage of development. We treasure each moment of your baby’s journey as they grow, change and develop, capturing these special memories for you to keep for a lifetime.

Babies need to be in an environment where they are nurtured and cared for in a way that follows their very own rhythm and routine. Our loving teachers are well trained in understanding the cues of babies and being responsive to these.

We offer Primary Caregiving for all children in the Nest. A primary caregiver is your child’s special teacher. Their priority is to form a partnership with you, as the child’s parents, to ensure consistency and continuity of care between the home and Centre environments. This allows your child’s unique needs to be met and allows for flexible changes as your child grows and naturally moves to a more active and independent routine.

Primary caregiving does not mean your child and their primary caregiver have an exclusive relationship however, the primary caregiver becomes the in-Centre expert on your child and holds primary responsibility for providing consistent care for your child.

A communication book is also provided for children in the Nest, to give a clear outline of how your child’s day has been and where they are at in their routine. We believe strong partnerships with you as parents and Whānau are a crucial part of providing quality care for very young children.

Our New Onehunga Centre will be opening in August 2017 and we are now accepting expressions of interest.

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