Dynamic Kids Preschool | Onehunga | Auckland
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The Hive (Education for Preschoolers)

Our Teachers strive to provide an array of meaningful preschool experiences that allow children to think, ask, find and evaluate questions and answers.

This builds their confidence in their abilities and unique personalities, setting the stage for a lifetime of learning.

We aim for all our preschoolers to

Have control over the direction of their learning

To learn through experiences of touching, moving, listening and observing

To have relationships with material items in the world that they are able to explore

To have endless ways and opportunities to express themselves.

We foster the natural development of each child as an individual and the close relationships they share with the environment. We believe all children have rights and should be given the opportunity to develop to their full potential. We see each child as beautiful, powerful, competent, creative, curious and full of potential and ambition.

Our project-based approaches with the Preschoolers allow children opportunities to explore, observe, hypothesise, ask questions and discuss their understanding and findings. This approach allows us to introduce early literacy and numeracy skills through meaningful experiences, to best prepare them for their journey in primary school.

We Provide: For all our bees in the Hive we provide beautifully prepared meals for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, which follow the NZ Heart Foundation guidelines and aim to provide a range of nutrients to feed your child’s growing body and active brain.

These meals are cooked fresh daily by our Centre Chef and meet your child’s daily nutritional needs. We cater for all allergies, religious food preferences and we have vegetarian and vegan options available. Fresh produce is locally* sourced (*where possible), a lot of which is grown in our organic Centre veggie garden that the children help grow. We have limited processed food (i.e. only wholegrain bread, pasta, crackers) in the Centre and vegetables and/or fruits are provided with every meal.

Due to our strict nutrition policies we do not allow food from home to be brought into the Centre unless it has been discussed and approved by the Centre Manager. You may bring in a cake for birthday celebrations at the Managers discretion, please discuss in advance.

We will provide your child with a named sun hat upon enrolment. This will remain in the Centre and will be washed weekly in accordance with our Sun Protection Policy. Dynamic Kids will also provide sunblock approved by the NZ Cancer Society for regular use throughout the day.

We provide filtered water for all children to access, as their needs require. In hot summer months we also bring water out to playground regularly to encourage good hydration. The only other beverage offered to children in the Centre is Organic Whole Milk.

Your child is able to choose a bag hook for their bag and belongings each day upon arrival at the Centre.