Teaching Values

We believe all kaiako (teachers) should experience and demonstrate a teaching environment focussed on the values of kindness, respect, patience, initiative and peacefulness AND should feel empowered to be their best self.

Our values of:

Kindness – We show kindness when we act with empathy and respect for others.

Respect – We show consideration for another person to communicate to them that they are valued. Feeling valued contributes to a sense of trust and self-esteem and is reflected in the individual’s ability to form and maintain relationships with others.

Patience – When we are patient we are able to work with quiet, steady perseverance and diligence.

Initiative – We display initiative by being ready and able to think creatively, solve problems and take risks.

Peacefulness – When we are peaceful, we are present, mindful and empathetic towards people, places and things.

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