The Hive – Toddlers

These busy little people are engaged in a wide variety of curriculum activities in a way that is meaningful to them and supports the development of social collaboration. Our ratios in this space are 1 teacher to 6 children and we cater for a maximum of 24 children in this room.

Toddlers are very active as they begin to gain control of their world and our programme provides safe challenges, which encourage exploration, cognitive skills, language development and gross motor skills. We strive to provide an environment that is open and spacious to support this active stage of development.

The importance of play as a vehicle for learning is respected and valued. Toddlers are provided with a range of daily activities and challenges that they choose to engage in throughout the course of a day, complemented by a rich variety of resources. This allows our Teachers to recognise and respond to learning opportunities that present themselves within routines. Each child has a tailored programme plan where they are encouraged and supported to reach new milestones in a way that is effective and meaningful.

The intentional Reggio inspired environment encourages exploration and creativity. It is a largely sensory focused space, feeding the minds of these active, curious little explorers and all their senses.

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