The Nest – Infants

OUR NURSERY – This calm, peaceful space is focussed on allowing infants and very young children the time to be in their learning space with long periods of uninterrupted play. The programme is very individual and supports your child’s unique rhythm, development and strengths. Our ratios in this space are 1 teacher to 3 children and we cater for a maximum for 18 children in this room.

We approach the curriculum for this age group in a very holistic way that encompasses exploration and discovery alongside each child’s natural stage of development. We treasure each moment of your baby’s journey as they grow, change and develop, capturing these special memories for you to keep for a lifetime.

Babies need to be in an environment where they are nurtured and cared for in a way that follows their very own rhythm and routine. Our loving teachers are well trained in understanding the cues of babies and being responsive to these.

We offer Primary Caregiving for all children in the Nest. A primary caregiver is your child’s special teacher. Their priority is to form a partnership with you, as the child’s parents, to ensure consistency and continuity of care between the home and Centre environments. This allows your child’s unique needs to be met and allows for flexible changes as your child grows and naturally moves to a more active and independent routine.

Primary caregiving does not mean your child and their primary caregiver have an exclusive relationship however, the primary caregiver becomes the in-Centre expert on your child and holds primary responsibility for providing consistent care for your child.

A communication book is also provided for children in the Nest, to give a clear outline of how your child’s day has been and where they are at in their routine. We believe strong partnerships with you as parents and Whānau are a crucial part of providing quality care for very young children.

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