Top Toilet Training Tips

At Dynamic Kidz we will support you as parents on your child’s journey towards toilet training. Here we are noting some tips we have found useful for toilet training in the centre and we hope you find them useful also.

Remember that every child toilet trains at different ages and at different rates. It is important not to push your child to toilet train before they are ready or the process will be long and difficult with your child often putting up resistance towards using the toilet.

There is so much controversial information available to parents around toilet training that it can seem overwhelming. There is unnecessary pressure to hurry up, increased by stories of a friends child who was toilet trained before they were even walking. Really, there is no time set. It is not a race and there is no set age; do what is best for your child, not others. Wait until you recognise your child is ready and if our team notices signs of readiness we will let you know. Starting too early causes frustration and endless “accidents”.

Signs of readiness are more important than age or season. Before you rid your house of all nappies, check if your child is displaying the following signs:

  • Watching others in the bathroom
  • Showing interest and asking questioning bodily functions.
  • Going to a quiet spot to fill their nappy.
  • Telling you when they are needing to be changed.
  • Having the language or ability to let you know when they need to go.

Apart from knowing if your child is ready, there are other dilemmas. Should I use a toilet or potty? Do I use knickers or pull-ups? What about hygiene? What do I do when we need to go out? We try and answer some of these questions here and hope our answers are helpful and reassuring.

We always recommend toilet training on a toilet. Skip the potty. This is one less transition that your child has to make and one less skill to master. If you are out and about it’s unlikely that you’ll be carrying a potty with you and use of a potty can sometimes cause a fear of the toilet itself. You can pick up mini toilet seats at places like Baby Factory. We recommend one of these and a little step so your child feels safe and sturdy up there. Ensure your child knows that you will support them when using big toilets while out and about.

Experts always recommend going cold turkey on nappies. If you decide to toilet train limit use of pull-ups to night time only and do not revert! This will confuse your child and often make them upset and feel like a “baby” if a nappy is given. Stock up on knickers, easy on/off clothes like elastic waisted pants, a bucket (for soaking) and clothes washing materials. Avoid buttons and tricky zips.

Hygiene is a very important part of toilet training and it’s important good hygiene practices are instilled from the very beginning. Children love washing and drying their hands, particularly if you have soap they can “pump” themselves, let them practice washing their hands as much as they like and remind them to do so each time they use the toilet. Check you have a nice water temperature as some taps can be far too hot. Teach your child how to wipe themselves and remember to avoid jumping in and doing it properly as this will discourage them from learning.

Be consistent. You don’t need to be overly rigid but once you decide on a system stick to it. Let the teachers know what it is so the same system can be in place in the centre. And lastly, don’t be afraid ask for advice or help.